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BuDhaGirl Silver All Season Bangle™ (ASB™) For Babies


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BuDhaGirl Silver All Season Bangle™ (ASB™) For Babies




  • Product Description

      BuDha Girl kids silver all season bangles  

      All Season Bangle™ (ASB™) for Babies are the perfect way to teach the new generation of BuDhaGirls about Mindful Glamour®. Baby ASB are available in three sizes 1-4 year old is small, 3-5 is medium, and 5-7 is large. Baby ASB are sold individually and are made of flexible polyvinyl carbonate tubing, so they are waterproof, soundless, weightless and can easily be washed at any time.

      Baby ASB are not toys, they are jewelry and Moms understand that they will be solely responsible for the use of the bangle with their children.

      ***By purchasing Baby ASB parents agree to remove all liability from BuDhaGirl in the case of misuse or accident with the child. BuDhaGirl is not responsible for any unintended consequence that might arise by use of Baby ASB. Baby ASB are jewelry and not toys.

      • Single bracelet
      • See size chart
      • BuDhaGirl silver bangle for babies
      • Waterproof, soundless, weightless and can be washed anytime