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Southern Marsh 'Expedition Series Tarpon' Short Sleeve- Light Gray

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Sometimes the most beautiful animals can be found close to home -- that’s the benefit of living in the coastal marshlands. The Tarpon offers fisherman a unique aesthetic whose beauty and sport is unparalleled. Their iridescent silver bodies are painted with blue-green bands that run down the body and vary in intensity – no two are exactly alike. Tarpons are highly coveted for sport and are strong fighters if you're lucky enough to get one hooked on a line. Their freshwater and saltwater habitat puts them in every American’s backyard. SOUTHERN MARSH EXPEDITION SERIES pays homage to, this beautiful fish and the bodies of water they call home. 

  • 100% Lightweight Cotton
  • Ultra Soft Spun Fabric
  • Pocket Tee
  • Full Color
  • Garment Washed

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