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Southern Marsh 'Expedition Series Giraffe' Short Sleeve- Camelia



Product Details

The most beautiful animals are often found at the distant edges of the world. Giraffes are easily one of the most unique animals to make it in the series. As the tallest mammal in the world, our designers had to come up with a custom solution to accommodate their towering legs and long necks. If you're spending a casual week on safari in Africa, you can find these bad boys roaming the open grasslands and the savannas. With no natural predators, they spend most of their time frolicking about eating every piece of foliage they can find in a 25 foot range. SOUTHERN MARSH EXPEDITION SERIES provides a fresh perspective on these beautiful animals and the places they call home.

100% Lightweight Cotton
Ultra Soft Spun Fabric
Pocket Tee
Full Color
Garment Washed

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