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Southern Marsh 'Expedition Series Black Bear' Short Sleeve- Midnight Gray

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The most beautiful animals are often found at the distant edges of the world well beyond the hustle of our urban jungles. The Black Bear is native to the North American continent and generally lives in inaccessible secluded areas of dense woodlands -- these guys like their quiet time.  When these beauties are not taking 6 months naps, they're wondering the forrest, swimming in rivers, and looking to hunt a years worth of food in six months.Winnie-the-Pooh, our favorite childhood bear, was actually based on a domesticated black bear named Winnie -- a cub rescued by a British soldier in Canada. The SOUTHERN MARSH EXPEDITION SERIES provides a fresh perspective on these regal animals and the places they call home.

  • 100% Lightweight Cotton
  • Ultra Soft Spun Fabric
  • Pocket Tee
  • Full Color
  • Garment Washed

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