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Scout Four Outdoors

Scout Four Outdoors is an apparel company located in Northeast Georgia where the lovers of outdoors and nature will find their home. Our company was started in 2016, but our story begins over 25 years ago where the name Scout Four originated. Our family's classic International Scout II became the avenue to an outdoors-filled childhood growing up in North Georgia and it was only right to include 'Scout' in the company name. Being the oldest of four brothers (the 'four' in Scout Four) we have many memories of loading up in the Scout before sunrise to begin our hunting adventures for the day. Whether hunting deer, ducks, turkeys, or just out to enjoy the peacefulness of nature it became the weekend tradition and is still going strong today.

With our love for the outdoors it became a reality to begin designing an apparel collection based on outdoors and hunting experiences we have and share with so many other enthusiasts. By providing top quality apparel with original designs and locally based craftsmanship we hope that you, too, will enjoy wearing Scout Four on your next outdoor adventure!