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2019 Fashion Trends I Shop Purple Door Boutique

August 21 2019 – Penny Hill

2019 Fashion Trends I Shop Purple Door Boutique

2019 Fashion Trends I Shop Purple Door Boutique

The Choker---- A trend that was big in the 90's and is coming back in full swing! 
Have you hopped on the bandwagon yet? Us girls at the PD simply can not get enough of these daring darlings! We are so excited to see that they are making a comeback, cause let's face it.... they can make any outfit go from drab to fab! 
To keep up with the trends, the Purple Door has found some hot styles that we feel our customers will love! Whether you want something more flashy and sparkly, or you rather try the faux leather ones, we have the style for you! Shop our big variety now, because these jewels will not last very long! 

Take a look at these few styles that we have now in store:


See.... we can fit any style that you may have. Take for instance the picture on the left, it is more dressy and appropriate for a girl that enjoys the more classy approach to fashion. While the middle shows off your grunge vibe, along with the more classic choker look. The far right, you can see that it is a nice mix between both. It features the tight velvet piece, along with a dangling jewel for added sparkle. Which one do you prefer?

 Ok, we promise we have not forgotten about the ladies that shop with us that prefer wrap necklaces.  The PD just restocked on so many that we truly have one for any person, no matter what color they are searching for. The two styles that we are seeing most often are: the natural beaded look and the sparkly chic look. Either are pretty and can both be added to your collection for when your style changes up. For example, throw on the more earth tone beads when you are wearing something more bohemian. While, the sparkly ones would be more appropriate for a dressy date night. 

Below, you will see the two different looks I am talking about:

We can not choose which one is our fave, so we tend to rock both. The PD girls have too many wrap necklaces to count. We CAN NOT get enough. 

Here is another way to wear your wraps:

Notice, it is wrapped around again for a more layered look. We often do both of these wrap methods to change things up a bit, and depending on what we are wearing. 

So, are you convinced to try the choker trend yet? Or what about take a less daring approach and start with a wrap necklace? Well, if you are thinking 'yes', come on by the Purple Door to get you the perfect accessory that your closet needs. You will truly not be disappointed.


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